Relaunching of HoS onto 0 AD

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Relaunching of HoS onto 0 AD

Post  Hades on Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:23 am

I think we need to discuss the relaunch of 'HoS' onto 0AD.

The fact is, HoS never really took off and 0AD is a good opportunity to relaunch it. I know out of all here, myself, Mittyho and Lava would probably be most interested in this, but HoG is becoming more and more of just ourselves, really. We urgently need to get recruiting, and fortunately, Voobly has let us meet new users and allow us to expand again.

8 Members again now, but we can keep increasing.

Anyhow, we need to plan how we are going to advertise our addition of 0AD. I think we could create a small tag for it, with something of an image with '0AD, part of the HoS network' or something similar.

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