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Welcome to the Community. Empty Welcome to the Community.

Post  .Yankee. on Tue Jun 12, 2012 4:12 am

Welcome to the Heroes of Gaming community! Everyone here is a gamer, be it a first person shooter to a strategist to an MMORPG player. Everyone has one thing in common: They love to play video games. Each clan has its own focusing point, like HoR (Heroes of Roleplay), whose members initially came up with this fantastic idea. Every clan is an equal part within this community. Every leader an equal administrator. Every clan follows a simple six-step structural ranking system:

Members - 1st Officers - 2nd Officers - 3rd Officers - 4th(Commanding) Officers - Leaders

Every clan of HoG has an Advisory Council consisting of the Leaders, 4th Officers and their Advisors and, finally, the single Supreme Advisor, adding two more ranks to the structure:

Advisors - Supreme Advisor

These Advisory Councils together form the HoG Council for problems concerning the whole community.

Of course, specific sectors are included. Like the elite roleplayers of HoR (HoRH). Such ranks are made specifically for the clan to acknowledge certain players. They are not structural ranks.

Upon the creation of a clan, the ranks will be written in the description under the main forum in order to see which ranks are the equivalents in each clan.

The HoG Council Heads hope that every member (and guest) gets the most out of this forum, so we are open to suggestions, whether they be clan-based or HoG-based. Good luck, have fun!


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